Benefits using 3S for processors            

To processors 3S provides an important tool to register the source of their cashew, with lots of options to  analyse the quality and quantity of the origin. This results in increasing knowledge on different farmer groups and their origins. Efficiency of support becomes clear. In a growing competitive setting, this enables the processor to build a better relationship with their providers. This can increase the guarantee of supply. Furthermore 3S provides important marketing tools, as buyers are increasingly interested in the origin of their produce. In due time, the 3S system becomes also a valuable tool to include micro finance institutions in working capital provision, as it shows exactly which suppliers are loyal and effective.

How to join?

For more information; contact the Sustainable Nut Initiative Foundation.


The costs for the use of the system are based on entrance fee – depending on the size of your company – and fee per volume traded. Cost indications are provided upon request.